I was asked by organizers of Photo Romania Festival to create something special for this year's edition. The Festival is the largest one of Eastern Europe and it takes place in Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transilvania.
I personally took some photos of the city from St. Michael's Church bell-tower, in the central square of Cluj. It started all from there.

The starting plate is is made up of a montage of three photographs taken from the tower.
I wanted to play around with the idea of putting together the old look of the city with a futuristic look. 
I spotted the three domes in the picture and the first image coming into my mind was laser beams coming off the domes.
Aesthetically speaking, Cluj has a beautiful and distinguished old European architecture, reminiscent of the gold days of Europe. I couldn't help with creating a striking visual contrast and adding a photographer on the roof-top as a symbol of the crazy passion that photographers have when it comes to capture unique moments.
Here is the video where I show all the creation process, which lasted about 6 hours, pretty fast.
Some close-ups to better appreciate the details.
The work was printed in large format (3m x 1,5m) and presented to the city in the City Hall with a press conference.
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