Il Primo Re matte painting breakdown
In the following three shots of Alba village the task was to expand the village itself and spread all the huts built on set all over the frame. I could take elements from picture shot on set and some unused cut.
In this second aerial shot the task was to clean up the white trucks and all the movie crew on set, plus adding some hut in the distance. That would be easy on a still camera shot, but here the drone was actually panning to the left and rotating to the right. That means that we needed to split the cleaned up scene in layers in order to reconstruct the drone movement and make the "clean" patches work.
Last shot with the extended Alba village in the distance
In the following scene of the river the task was to simulate a river flood over a calm river shot.
I worked side by side with EDI's vfx artists to achieve the most photorealistic flood we could.
My part was to remove the water of the river and design a realistic bed of the river with rocky river sides. The river bed was then modelled by EDI's 3D team. This helped to achieve a realistic simulation of the water mass along the bed of the river and make the waters reflect the right colours.
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