A poster I created for an international project named Meeting of Chefs: a meeting between French and Mexican chefs, trying to join the cuisines of their countries and show the world they are not so far from each other.
The concept was not to convey the idea of challenge but of a meeting instead. I decided to choose "meeting of cultures" as leading concept, more than a meeting of chefs working with food. Each chef serves on a silver plate his own "symbol" of his culture: Eiffel Tower and The Aztec Pyramid of the Moon.
The client wanted the manipulation to be realistic and extremely faithful to the real places chosen. So I used real images of Paris and Mexico and adding craters where the monuments were supposed to be taken off by the chefs themselves.
The number of images used is about 20 and i personally shot the lower third of the sky (the rest is hand painted) and the chefs arms and plates.
Spanish Version
French Version
Making of
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