Ride - Before and After - Matte Painting Breakdown
In the hiking sequence different plates of the hiking actors were used to built up the hiking shots over full matte painted shots
The "action cam" sequence on the Alps was not shot on the mountains so my task was to add photorealistic snow. My main concern was to reproduce the same exact shape of the show edge on the concrete floor across all the shots. I used Photoshop 3D to extract a model of that edge shape and place it in every shot with a correct lightning.
This shot was shot up in the Alps and I was asked to create the hangar of the previous scene. I wasn't given any 3D model of the hangar so I modelled a basic and simple shape in Photoshop. I gave it the right textures taken from the previous action-cam scene, I matched the movie lightning and painted in some snow to blend it with the environment.
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